Q: Will my USB Typewriter still write on paper?
A: Yes! In fact, you can write on paper while recording your keystrokes to a computer -- that way you will have both a hard copy and a soft copy. You don't even need to turn on your monitor.

Q: Does the USB Typewriter have modern keys such as Backspace, Escape, F1-F12, Control, Alt, and so on?
A: Yes! The USB Typewriter not only has built-in Control, Alt, Cmd, and Backspace keys, but also a "Fn" key which, when held down, accesses secondary functions for all the keys, so that the typewriter keyboard supports a full complement of modern functions.

Q: Where is the "Enter" key?
A: The "Enter" key, sometimes called the "Carriage Return" key, is actually activated by the typewriter's carriage return! Every time you make a new line on your typewriter's roller, an "Enter" command is sent.  If you don't want this feature, you can assign "Enter" to an unused key on the main keyboard, for example the "1/2 1/4" key.

Q: Will the USB Typewriter work with my tablet?
A: The USB Typewriter is designed so that tablet computers such as the iPad act as virtual "paper" when placed on the platen. Any tablet that has a "USB On-The-Go" feature (also called "USB OTG") will work with the USB Typewriter. Click here for a list of compatible tablets.

Q: Will the USB Typewriter work with my smartphone?
A: Conveniently, the USB Typewriter works with many smartphones -- any phone that supports "USB On-the-go" -- but will not work with the popular iPhone and Nexus phones.  Click here for a list of compatible smartphones. Note that if your phone cannot supply enough power to the USB Typewriter, you may need to use a powered USB hub. 

Q: Will the USB Typewriter work with my laptop?
A: Yes! It will work in addition to the keyboard already on the laptop. You might consider getting a monitor and mouse for your laptop for better ergonomics.

Q: Will the conversion kit work with my specific typewriter?
A:  The conversion kit is designed to work on the vast majority of portable manual typewriters. It will also work on some desktop typewriters. For a list of compatible and incompatible typewriters, click here.

Q: Will the kit work on an IBM Selectric?
A: Unfortunately, no -- but you can check out this very cool project to turn a Selectric into a printer: http://hackaday.com/2012/06/13/turning-an-ibm-selectric-into-a-printer/