Typewriter Buying Guide

If you don't already have an manual typewriter to convert with the USB Typewriter Kit, its easy to find one on Craigslist, on Etsy, or at a local typewriter shop (yes they still exist). You should also ask your friends and relatives if they have one you can use. I have also had great experiences with online boutiques such as Mytypewriter.com, and Anti-Key-Chop. However, the most affordable and extensive selection of typewriters is definitely on eBay. To make finding your perfect typewriter easier, I have curated the following collection of USB-compatible typewriter listings currently for sale on eBay (click each link to view the listings):

Compatible typewriters available on eBay (a curated selection):

Brand: Expect To Pay: Compatible with USB Typewriter Kit?
Underwood Portables $75-$200 YES
Underwood #5 Desktops $100-$300 YES
Royal Portables $75-$150 YES (Easy Install Kit ONLY)
Royal #10 Desktops $100-$300 YES
Remington Portables $75-$200 YES
Olivetti Portables $50-$300 YES (only ones with square keys)
Olympia Portables $50-$100 YES
Smith Corona Portables $50-$100 YES
Corona Portables $75-$150 YES

Buying Advice:
Just be sure that, wherever you decide to purchase your typewriter, you double check the compatibility chart first to make sure the machine is compatible with the USB Typewriter Conversion Kit. I have done my level best to weed out 99% of incompatible models from the above collections, but it is still good to double check yourself before bidding.

Before placing your bid, make sure you read the seller's description and confirm that the typewriter is in good working order. Dust, dirt, and whiteout on typewriters is easy to remove, but paint chips and rust are not, so examine the pictures carefully. Also, don't buy typewriters that have not been tested by the seller. That said, these old typewriters are incredibly rugged machines, and it is easy to find ones that look and work as beautifully as they did the day they were made. Of course, if you are unsure about a purchase, just contact me first before placing your bid, and I will be glad to lend my advice. Happy hunting!