The USB Typewriter works just like any USB Keyboard. There is no special software to install, and the necessary USB cable will be included with your order. Therefore, It is not only compatible with all desktop and laptop computers, but also with most tablets. Be aware though that some tablets, such as the iPad, don't have a normal USB port, so they may require a special adapter cable. Therefore, in order to simplify connection to such mobile devices, without the need for special cables, all USB Typewriters now feature Bluetooth connectivity as well.

Android Tablets: Most Android tablets support a technology called USB-OTG, which allows them to connect to USB keyboards such as the USB Typewriter. Consult your user manual or perform a Google search to determine if your tablet is "USB-OTG" compatible. (A special USB-OTG adapter may be required.) If your tablet does not support USB-OTG, you can simply connect to your USB Typewriter over Bluetooth instead.

iPad Tablets: iPads can connect to the USB Typewriter, either by using the Apple "Camera Adapter" or by connecting wirelessly over Bluetooth. See this link for details.

To increase the possibilities for connecting to mobile devices, all of our USB Typewriter models are now Bluetooth enabled. This allows them to connect to the vast majority of computers, tablets, smartphones, and even some e-readers. When your USB Typewriter is in Bluetooth mode, you can connect to it wirelessly from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, as you would connect to any Bluetooth keyboard.  Simply search for a device called "USB Typewriter XXXX" in your mobile device's Bluetooth settings menu, and tap on its name to connect.

DOCKING:  The USB Typewriter and USB Typewriter Conversion Kit ship with a simple metal bracket to hold your tablet in place on top of the typewriter as you type. Insert the metal bracket into the roller of the typewriter, as if it were a sheet of paper, then bend it to adjust the angle to your liking.  See this link for more details about mounting a tablet on your typewriter.