Easy Install Compatibility


The "Easy Install" Kit comes specifically tailored to your typewriter, so that the sensor circuitry will slip right into place with minimum fuss. The kit is made to suit several of the most popular typewriter brands, regardless of the exact model:

Portable Typewriters:
  • Corona
  • Smith Corona
  • Olivetti
  • Olympia
  • Remington
  • Royal
  • Underwood
Desktop Typewriters:
  • Underwood Model #5
  • Royal Model #10

While the kit is designed to work with a wide range of models, certain specific typewriters cannot be modified, unfortunately:

Not Compatible:

  • Underwood "Noiseless" models and "3-bank" models
  • Royal's ultra-modernist "Royalite," "Fleetwood", and "El Dorado" models
  • Remington "Noiseless" models (the kind with the chrome doorknob-shaped ribbon caps)
  • Olivetti Studio 44
  • Corona Model 3 and Model 4
  • Olympia SF and Traveller models
  • Electric typewriters are NOT supported

NOTE: In order to modify your typewriter, you must be able to access the mechanisms underneath. Therefore, the kit will not work with Remington, Olympia, or Royal typewriters that have a metal/plastic plate covering their undersides. These companies only started adding these covers in the mid 1960s, so this advice does not apply to older typewriters, nor does it apply to Smith Corona or Olivetti typewriters. (The covers underneath Smith Corona and Olivetti typewriters are easily removed and do not interfere with installation.)